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Learn more about Newport's role in the Gilded Age, and why it was such a spectacular summer resort, with the Gilded Age Rhode Island book bundle! Bundle includes the following books:

Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty by Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe
#1 New York Times bestselling chronicle of the rise and fall of a legendary American dynasty, from CNN anchor and journalist Anderson Cooper and historian and novelist Katherine Howe.

First Resorts: Pursuing PLeasure at Saratoga Springs, Newport, and Coney Island by Jon Sternglass
Jon Sterngass follows three of the best-known northeastern American resorts across a century of change. Saratoga Springs, Newport, and Coney Island began, he finds, as similar pleasure destinations, each of them featuring "grand" hotels where visitors swarmed public spaces such as verandas, dining rooms, and parlors. As the century progressed, however, Saratoga remained much the same, while Newport turned to private (and lavish) "cottages" and Coney Island shifted its focus to amusements for the masses.

Lost Newport by Paul F. Miller
Featuring more than 180 vintage views of cottages built from the early nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, this book recreates 59 summer houses, now lost, in an evocative guide that gives depth to any Newport experience.

Rogues and Heroes of Newport's Gilded Age by Edward Morris
From the driver's seat, author and guide Edward Morris provides a diverse collection of biographical sketches that reveal the outrageous and opulent lives of some of America's leading entrepreneurs.

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