Colonial Bohea Tea Tin - Brick Market

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Bohea tea, (pronounced “Boo-hee” - Ukers 510), was by far the largest tea import during colonial times. Sometimes called Bohea Souchong or Lapsang Bohea, the blend originated in China with trade to the British and Dutch East India Companies. It was so popular that the word bohea became the slang term for tea. The blend varied wildly, consisting of broken orange pekoe, pekoe, and souchong dumped in a pile and then sifted, typically the scrap tea of lower quality leaves, but was considered high quality by the colonists. In the Boston Tea Party, 242 chests of Bohea were destroyed.  

Dating from 1762, this historic market is considered one of Newport's architectural treasures. Designed by America's first architect Peter Harrison, it originally functioned as an open-air market with merchants, with offices located on the upper floors. Over the last 250 years, it has been used as a printing office, theater, Town Hall, and museum.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves