Forgotten Founders

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The miraculous founding of America was not accomplished by a handful of people; it required the heart, soul, and grit of an entire nation. Today, we rightfully honor the efforts of the Founding Fathers, but what about everyone else who sacrificed for the cause? Introducing Forgotten Founders, the inspiring book of stories about the heroic women, African Americans, Native Americans, immigrants, and others who played pivotal roles in America's birth. Make no mistake: these were no historical footnotes. These were brave men and women—soldiers, spies, housewives, physicians, musicians—without whom the war simply could never have been won and the new republic never begun.

Readers will meet Sybil Ludington, the sixteen-year-old girl who rode all night to warn of a British attack (and didn't get caught!); Nancy Hart: the indomitable woman who captured six Loyalist soldiers; Cuffee Wells Saunders, the talented physician who won his freedom and saved lives serving in the Continental Army; Phyllis Wheatley, the gifted Black poet whose work was praised by Voltaire and George Washington; Deborah Sampson, the colonial woman who dressed as a man to enlist in the Continental Army; Peter Salem, the former slave who became the hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill; and many more! Read, learn, and discover in beautiful new ways that America's origin story really is everybody's story.

By Mifflin Lowe, published by Bushel and Peck, 64 pages, hardcover.