Brave Men As Ever Fought Print

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This incredibly detailed print depicts young African American sailor James Forten—later a stalwart in anti-slavery and abolitionist movements—looking on as Black and Native American troops in the ranks of the Continental Army’s Rhode Island Regiment march west through Philadelphia on September 2, 1781, Forten’s 15th birthday. The troops, on their way to Yorktown, Virginia, kicked up clouds of dust as they marched past crowds of Philadelphia residents lining Chestnut Street in front of the brick façade of the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall).

The painting was commissioned by the Museum of the American Revolution and funded by the National Park Service Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail. Did you know that the Trail actually begins right here in Newport?

This print is an Open Edition Giclee print on German 100% Cotton Rag Art Paper, and is embossed with Don Troiani's initials.

Actual image measures 26" wide by 19" high. The full print measures 31" wide by 24" high.

The "Art of Don Troiani" watermark will not appear on the print.

To learn more about Don Troiani and his artwork, click here.